Tools to Restore, Refurbish, Clean, Polish & Revive

Everything you need for restoring or reviving any material or surface

Drill-mounted tools, hand tools, and more. Restore, upcycle, revive and reuse any material. Metals, glass, plastics, wood, stone and composites.

Our kits and tools are made here in our UK factory.

Ultimate Metal Clean & Polish Kit

Clean back, polish and restore any metal. Kit includes essential compound, abrasive wheels, polishing wheels and drill attachement.

Rapid Drill Mounted Cleaning Kit

High quality abrasive disks. Smash tough dirt, stains & debris on almost any surface
Kit includes 18 x mops + drill attachment
Industry Choice

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Cleaning Tools

Take the effort out of cleaning up all types of surfaces

Polishing Tools

Restore any metal surface to its former glory

Tool Sets

Tools sets, including cleaning, polishing & buffing tools

Restoration Kits

Kits for everything! Restore all sorts of items & materials

Loose Refills

Extra wheels & mops to fit to your drill mount


Polishing compounds for restoring all types of metal

"I'm so glad I found Revive Tool. I'm sick of being disappointed by low quality tools. Their tools take the hard work out of restoration. I'll think twice about throwing anything away ever again! "


Special Offer - Get your Revive Tools for FREE

We’ll give you a 50% refund* if you send us before and after photos of a restoration project where you’ve used our tools. Or, if you send us a video of you using the product, we’ll give you a 100% full refund*!

*Refund or partial refund offer is limited to one customer, and one kit, or purchases up to £30. Pictures and videos must be suitable for publishing on our site. You must be the copyright holder of the images/video, and you must be happy for us to use the content on our website.