Take the hard work out of restoring old things with our high quality, industry standard, professional restoration tools.

I’m so glad I found Revive Tool. I’m sick of being disappointed by low quality tools. Their tools take the hard work out of restoration. I’ll think twice about throwing anything away ever again!

Ben Hart / Restoration Expert

I used a Revive Tool product to restore a huge plastic scratch on my motorhome. It worked brilliantly and now looks as good as new. THANKS!

David Cooper / Motorhomer

Revive Tool makes restoration of surfaces very easy. We used one of the kits to restore the copper bar in a pub that we recently took over. It looks incredible and the drill mounted tool took all of the hard work. No need for elbow grease!

Tim Houghton / Landlord

Everything you need for restoring or reviving any material or surface

Drill-mounted tools, hand tools, and more. Restore, upcycle, revive and reuse any material. Metals, glass, plastics, wood, stone and composites. Our kits and tools are made here in our UK factory.

Cleaning kits for Restoring or stripping back a material

Tools for Upcycling, Restoration & Revival. Made in the UK. Restore any material or surface. Metals, plastics, glass, wood and composite surfaces.

Mounted tools for Cleaning, Polishing and buffing

Explore the RODA range of mounted tool accessories. You’ll find the right tool for every finishing application, whether it is cleaning, polishing or buffing. Power Tool Attachments. Drill attachments, Grinder attachments, Dremel accessories & Hand Tools.


Abrasives for Power Tools

RODA Unitized Points


Abrasives for Power Tools

RODA NyWheels – Sample Pack

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Abrasives for Power Tools

RODA MX Points – New Range!


Kits for the restoration of almost anything

We also stock a range of hand tools for Upcycling, Restoration & Revival of virtually anything. Restore any material or surface, from kitchen worktops to wood, acrylic and fibreglass.

Special Offer – Get your Revive Tools for FREE

We’ll give you a 50% refund* if you send us before and after photos of a restoration project where you’ve used our tools. Or, if you send us a video of you using the product, we’ll give you a 100% full refund*!

*Refund or partial refund offer is limited to one customer, and one kit, or purchases up to £30. Pictures and videos must be suitable for publishing on our site. You must be the copyright holder of the images/video, and you must be happy for us to use the content on our website.