RODA Unitized Wheels – For deburring and cleaning metal

RODA Unitized Wheels – For deburring and cleaning metal


If you have a burr, all you need is RODA Point!

RODA Unitized Wheels – For deburring and cleaning metal. Developed with experienced deburring professionals, specifically constructed to provide high performance deburring suitable for use on all materials.

RODA Unitized material is made from a baked and compressed nylon abrasive. Excellent on all metals- Ferrous and Non Ferrous.

RODA Unitized wheels are made in our UK factory. 

This material is unusual in that it cuts well but leaves a smooth, bright finish which is easy to polish up from. Great for de-burring and cleaning up most metals.

Available in 3 Grits, Coarse (Blue), Medium (Red) and Fine (Black)

Sold Per 10.

Product Description

RODA Unitized Wheels – For deburring and cleaning metal aswell as smoothing and removing machine lines.

The material works well on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals although it behaves differently on each the finish is always bright and easy to polish up from.

RODA Unitized wheels are made in our UK factory. 

Aluminium– Good for machine line removal, light and heavy marks and burrs. excellent for edge breaking and chamfering but don’t leave a rough finish like a carbide burr. They leave a good finish with little pick up.

Stainless Steels– They clean up light marks & stains in one hit, leaving a good finish.

Gold and Silver – Using the Red medium grade on a 3.32″ spindle they work similar to a roll sanding and leave a clean finish. good for blending spues.

Available on both a 3mm and 2.35mm (3/32”) making it ideal for precision tools such as micromotors, pendant motors, air tools, hobby tools etc. Unitized wheels are popular in a wide range of industries.These include mould tool polishing, precision engineering, cleaning up cast jewellery (great at remove spues,), watchmaking, fabrication, sculpture etc.

For Engineers

These wheels cut quickly with a very smooth, even finish which is extremely important in precision parts. Ideal for edge work, removing burrs and smoothing machine lines.

For Jewellers

Unitized wheels are excellent for finishing cast items where the surface needs to be smoothed ready for polishing. You can cut sprues off and the residual metal can be smoothed with a unitized wheel. Also an interesting tool if you work with more unusual jewellery metals that are tougher to work on. Ideal for working on watches too, particularly steel.


You can see the power of RODA Point in our online video here.

Additional Information

Weight 0.05 kg

22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm


3mm, 6mm, 10mm


Coarse (Blue), Medium (Red), Fine (Black)


2.35mm (3/32"), 3mm


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