3M Habras Radial Discs (19mm & 25mm) / Dedeco Radial Discs


3M Radial wheels are a very popular product across all industries, particularly used in the Jewellery trade. – the finer grades are used for polishing any metal surface. The Precision engineering fields use this tools for deburring and cleaning internal threads – 80g and 120g are the most popular for working on steels and aluminium. – the Radial discs leave a lovely finish and don’t over work the threads. they can also be used for cleaning bores and blind holes. due the flexibility of the wheels they can bend and flex to suite many deburring and cleaning applications. they are much cleaner than using other abrasives.

Mandrels can be found here MM503 Screw Mandrel.

Sold as individual leaves which are layered together with a minimum of 3 leaves on a mandrel

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