RODA Felt – Mounted Felt Bobs for Polishing

RODA Felt – Mounted Felt Bobs for Polishing


RODA Felt – Mounted Felt Bobs for Polishing

Mounted Felt Bobs are used for polishing metal.

A compound is applied to the felt and then either cutting or polishing to a bright mirror finish on all metals can be achieved.

Felt bobs are available on a variety of spindles in various sizes – depending on tools used and application.

Made by Moleroda Finishing Systems in our UK factory. 

 Sold per 10

Product Description

RODA Felt – Mounted Felt Bobs for Polishing

What do you use mounted felt bobs for?

Felt bobs are mainly for polishing metal although you can also use them on glass.

These bobs are for use in many industries including:

Mould tool polishing: – Mould tools and dies used for plastic injection require a very high finish. You’ll find that felt is mostly for lapping and polishing with diamond compound.

Polishing medical implants – Moleroda have been making bespoke felts for medial companies for many years.  Our felts are very high quality, under totally controlled manufacturing and therefore suitable for robotic use.

Polishing precision engineered components – we supply aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, defence, and many more engineering industries. RODA Felt is for use anywhere you require a polished finish.

Polishing precious metals in the Jewellery industry – Working on gold and silver, platinum, or palladium. Jewellers usually require smaller felts on a 2.35mm spindle with fine compounds such as Rouge.

What to use your Felt Bob with?

You can use RODA Felt bobs in any rotary tool – such as a micromotor, pendant drill, flexible shaft machine or simple Drill. Check recommended speeds for polishing.

Felt Bob – Options Available:

Felt Density

  • Medium- Ideal for cutting and polishing operations, this is a good standard felt for most materials
  • Hardened- Standard felt is treated to make it hard and less flexible. It gives you more cut and therefore particularly suits harder metals. Shaped felts are more likely to keep their shape when hardened.


Spindle Size

  • Extended spindle are also available – more spindle sizes are available please call us.


Customers can ask for specially made products to suit their requirements. Here at Moleroda we offer low volume, low cost, traceable, fast delivery and high quality products. We can mount felt down to 3.5mm diameter and in all different shapes. Please get in touch if you have particular requirements you wish to discuss.


You can see what our RODA Felt Bobs can do by watching our video here. 

Additional Information

Weight 0.05 kg

2.35mm (3/32") Spindle per 10, 3mm Spindle per 10, 1/8" Spindle per 10, 6mm Spindle per 10

Size Dia x length

6mm x 12mm, 6 x 16mm, 6 x 25mm, 8 x 12mm, 10 x 12mm, 10 x 19mm, 10 x 25mm, 10 x 38mm, 12 x 12mm, 12 x 19mm, 12 x 25mm, 12 x 38mm, 16 x 16mm, 16 x 19mm, 16 x 25mm, 16 x 32mm, 19 x 19mm, 19 x 32mm, 19 x 38mm, 25 x 25mm, 25 x 50mm, 32 x 38mm




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