Polishing kit – mops & compounds Kit 12/13

Polishing kit – mops & compounds Kit 12/13


Metal Polishing kit with mops and compound for polishing metal with a drill. Polish up metal to a mirror finish

Kit 13- polishing kit Non Ferrous Metals i.e Aluminium, Brass etc
Kit 12- polishing kit Ferrous Metals i.e Steel, Stainless Steel

  • 1 off 4”x1section Dry Sisal Mop- Cutting Stage
  • 1 off 4”x1section White Stitched Mop- Cutting Stage
  • 1 off 4×1” G-Mop – Polishing Stage
  • 1 off 4×1/2” Felt Wheel- Either Polishing or Cutting Stage
  • Vienna Lime 250g- For Cleaning up
  • 4×1” Compound Bar- Cutting Stage
  • 4×1” Compound Bar- Polishing Stage
  • 75mm Taper on 6mm Shank- For mounting mops – best in a variable speed drill

Product Description

This Metal Polishing kit with mops and compounds is perfect for polishing up any aluminium or stainless steel metal to a bright shiny finish.

Ideal for larger items, alloy wheel polishing, antique restoration etc

Used With a standard drill or on a bench polisher with pigtails (not included)

How to use

  1. Insert taper into drill chuck and tighten. Start with the dry sisal if you have scratches to remove. Spin it against the cutting compound to load.
  2. Work over the metal ensuring you keep moving. Move on to either the felt or white stitched mop.
  3. At this point you can either use cutting compound or polishing compound with these mops.
  4. Finally use the loosefold mop with the pink compound to bring the finish up to a high shine.
  5. To clean up dip a soft lint free cloth in the Vienna lime and wipe over the metal. It will remove the polishing haze.

Popular With Fabricators, Polishers, DIY polishers, Bikers, Car Restorers.

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Additional Information

Weight 0.8 kg

Kit 13- For Non Ferrous Metals i.e Aluminium, Brass etc, Kit 12- For Ferrous Metals i.e Steel, Stainless Steel


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