Micro-Mesh Gloss Fine Liquid Abrasives 1 Micron or 5 Micron for plastic and metal


Micro-Mesh Gloss is the perfect product to get the best polishing results. They can be used with any of the Micro-Mesh range to enhance the finish.

Waterbased formulation that contains an abrasive crystal.

Micro-Mesh Gloss Type 1 – 1 micron

  • ultra fine – contains 1 micron polish
  • used on plastics for a clear bright finish
  • used for polishing aircraft and any plastic surface
  • Buff in after using Micro-Mesh 12000 as a final step to add luster

Micro-Mesh Gloss Type 5 – 5  micron

  • Fine – contains 5 micron polish coarser than type 1
  • used on plastics – soft vinyl for removing fine scratches up to 9 micron in depth.

both Micro-Mesh Gloss can be used by hand or with a rotary tool – can be used with lams wool pad or felt

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