Eneska Micromotor Set New Generation ENESKAMicro 600


ENESKAMicro 600  Micromotor JEM 50 set


  • 1 off ENESKAmicro 600 control box
  • 1 off JEM 50 motor with 50,000rpm incl. motor cable
  • 1 off Straight Headpiece – JIr40 Rapid Chuck Handpiece inc. 3mm collet
  • Modular system with multiple interchangeable heads. Angled, filling, belt Sandler etc.
  • High torque – variable speed – low noise and low vibration
  • Safety features – automatic cut out.
  • Adaptors available for Eneska 4-1 Eneska 3-2 and NSK Electro and ENESKA 600

Used by Engineers polishing mould tools and dies, Jewellery making industry, deburring precision components and any fine work with rotary tools – industrial version of a Dremel!

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