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RODA NyWheel
The only Surface Finishing and Deburring tool you need to complete your part! Developed alongside trusted engineers to specifically formulate high  grade nylon products with finishing properties.
Available in sizes from 25mm to 40mm in various grades.

The Benefits

  • RODA NyWheels are made in the UK by Moleroda and are one of our best selling items.
  • They are available in a wide range of grits each suitable for a different job.
  • They offer abrasive cleaning and satin finishing on a full range of materials – gold, silver, aluminium and steels etc.
  • The best feature of abrasive nylon is that requires no compound to work. Consequently, this makes them clean and quick to use.
  • They quickly and efficiently remove and blend machine lines. 
  • They work particularly well on threads and down holes. The material gives a consistent finish for a smart, clean result.
  •  Some of our Customers use these mounted abrasive nylon mops in the CNC machine for Automatic deburring and finish.
  • Popular with all industries, they are used for cleaning and finishing. White is popular in the dental industry for plastics.
  • All ‘red’ grades are popular in the precision engineering industry particularly, although these are our most popular grades with all industries.
  • C120 HDMA and M400 Green are our best selling grade in all industries. M320 MA and green are popular with jewellers for satin finishing.
  • The fact that RODA NyWheels are made in the UK by Moleroda means that we can supply you quickly and efficiently.

Abrasives for Power Tools

RODA NyWheels – Sample Pack

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