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The Lap Disk Mop with a difference, unlike any other current nylon mop RODA offers both deburring and finishing excellence using specially formulated technology. Time tested by industry professionals.
Available in various grades to suit the material and required finish.

The Benefits

  • When using these mops, no compound is necessary because the abrasive is in the material.
  • These mops are available in a range of thickness. If you require a different size please let us know.
  • This is a product we make in the UK, therefore it is not a problem if you require a different size.
  • This size is ideal for use with a drill, air tool or with a bench polisher with tapers.
  • RODA NyMops are the quickest way to clean up metal.
  • They are excellent for rust removal, general cleaning, weld blending. They are also perfect for¬† ¬†restoring a matt shine to stainless steel and aluminium. We can suggest the best grade for the finish you require.
  • Used by Fabricators, sculptors, welders, hobbyists, antique restorers, engineers.
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